Over The Lambow (v1.0.3)

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Save The Lamb

"Over the Lambow" is a game that has the cute Lambow saving lambs in trouble from a monster. "Lambow" has to save the lambs in trouble while walking around the stage and has to open the rainbow gate which allows the lambs to escape from the monster.
"Lambow" has to save lambs that the monster kidnaps by flying into the sky and retrieve them.Lambow needs to find the device to open a rainbow gate, while avoiding the monster on the stage.Collect as many items as you can during the process to earn more points, and you can also use these items to attack the monster.
You can save the lambs that are in trouble, and clear the stage by using the rainbow device.There is an exciting adventure waiting for you!

Characteristics of the Game
* This is an action-adventure game that everyone can enjoy.
* Cute animated characters.
* Contains 15 various and detailed stages.
* A feeling of satisfaction from using various items.
* "Open Feint" is used to rank the competition.
* Uses a unique attack system via an attack gage.
* Play time, play count, and play ranking are applied.
* Opening and Ending Animation Movie are included in This Game (Total running time 10 min)