Aurifi (v1.1)

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A New Form of Play for the Next Generation
Aurifi is a ground-breaking, beautiful, challenging, rewarding Audio Game.
It is the first audio-only game for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Aurifi combines the two things the iPhone and iPod Touch do best - music and organic interaction.

What is an Audio Game?
Aurifi marks the beginning of a new genre - Mobile Audio Games.
You can play Aurifi with your eyes closed, this is a 100% sonic experience. It is very unusual, like nothing you have played before.

 In video games, players interact with graphics, moving them, aligning them, and reacting to them. In the Aurifi Audio Game, players interact with sound in very much the same way. Sounds different? It is!

Aurifi is an ever-changing sonic landscape that is breathtaking. At the same time it invites you to react, control, fine-tune, identify and dial yourself into your surroundings. The bespoke musical elements are designed to help you feel moods, emotions and progression.

Aurifi was developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, to make best use of the device’s methods of interaction. Shake, slide and tilt to control the sounds and complete the challenges, and also contribute to the sound.