Undead: The Last Refuge (v1.0)

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The coming of the Apocalypse had been announced for centuries, so we were not to know that it was so close. The dead have risen from the ground and destroyed everything in their path. You have managed to survive until now, but you are alone and cut off... How long will you be able to survive?


* Experience fear and stress in a battle for your survival.
* Enjoy being in an entirely 3D-modelled environment with impressive graphics.
* Take on the hordes of dozens of zombies coming to drink your blood. A totally new scenario for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
* Let your weapons do the talking as you drive back your assailants.
* Use OpenFeint to survive and achieve success. Beat the highest scores to become world number one. Challenge your friends on Facebook or Twitter by posting your highest scores. (Feature available only on 3GS)