Says Who?

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Can you imagine a game that can be Fun, Socially Challenging and educative at the same time?

Challenge your friends in a game of wits as you try to piece together scrambled quotes from random TV shows, songs, books, famous plays speeches and old school philosophers.  Have you ever told your friends a quote and they had no clue who spoke it? Well, now you can rub it in their faces in the funniest way. SaysWho is full of the best quotes from every different type of genre you can imagine.

Everyone will enjoy playing SaysWho. SaysWho has quotes from old school philosophers to new school TV shows. Not only has that, but the fact that you can challenge your friends and family just added to the excitement. Just imaging being able to beat your “know-it-all” friends at their own game … now you can really rub it in their face (and their Facebook wall)!

•    Connect with and challenge your Facebook friends.
•    Share your favorite quotes using Facebook and Twitter and receive extra coins.
•    Practice up on your quotes before you dive in.
•    Receive notifications when it is your turn.