Bank Hack Prank

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Fool your friends into believing someone is hacking
 their Bank Account and stealing their money!

The most original prank app for Android!

Here's how it works:
1. Enter your victims' name and surname
2. Enter their Bank name - vital to the whole prank
3. Enter their phone number - best to make a mistake in last digit, so that your friend won't suspect a thing
4. (In full version) Enter delay in seconds

Now hand over your phone using any excuse, eg. "hey, check out these pictures", or for a geek-know-it-all-friend: "hey, I think I've got a virus, can you check?"

Whilst they are browsing your phone, after delay you've set before, camera will start, take their picture, and "someone" will start "looking for" their name on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other websites.

To their disbelief, their name will be found, together with Bank name...
They will panic the second they learn that someone is trying to hack into their account!
Please use it on yourself first to familiarize with the whole prank process.
There are two versions: free and paid, the only difference being delay can be set in paid only.

Dev is also looking for volunters to translate the app into other languages, so please contact them at