Powerslyde: Share & Discover Great Apps

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Released in early March for iOS, powerslyde delivers a new and unique solution to the app discovery issue facing every developer and consumer of apps. WIth this app, you can easily see what apps your friends have on their mobile devices and utilize the shortcut to the app store and quickly download the app. It is the social way to share and find out what great new apps your friends, family and colleagues are using.

After you install and sign-in to powerslyde, you are prompted to search for friends, families and other powerslyde users to follow. You can be instantly followed by others, or make your profile private and allow folks to request to follow you.

Powerslyde detects the apps on your mobile device and then displays them in an easy visual manner, where you can choose to make individual apps private and hidden from your followers.

Powerslyde brings several fresh features to app curation, You can create custom collections of apps and easily share them with 1 person or a group of people. This allows teachers to deliver a new app to a class with ease, corporate headquarters can send an app or group of apps to users of mobile devices in the field and the leader of a gaming group can send one game to the many members of his guild and get all his or her friends up and playing quickly.

Powerslyde also appears to have interesting ways of looking at how apps are used and influenced by what other apps are on a mobile device. Here is a recent infographic on the usage of eReader apps on iOS, Your iOS eReader and You. infogr.am/powerslyde-looks-at-eReaders/

Powerslyde is free for iOS and is scheduled for release on Android at the end of June 2013.