StealThis! (v1.0)

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StealThis! is a security application for your iPhone that will stop thieves from stealing your iPhone. Using the phone's GPS function, you can set how many feet you allow the iPhone to move around before setting off the alarm. If the iPhone is moved outside that radius, a loud alarm with constantly flash blinking and non-stop vibration is engaged.
Alarm Functions:

• Alarm is triggered when the iPhone is moved X feet horizontally or vertically
• The distance can be selected in settings
• Loud annoying sound
• Flash Blinking
• Non-stop vibration
Alarm can only be disarmed once your passcode is entered


• Control how fast the flash should blink
• Select what sound file you want to use
• Select how many feet the iPhone should move horizontally before the alarm goes on.
• Select how many feet the iPhone should move vertically before the alarm goes on
• Select how many seconds before the passcode screen appears