Minesweeper Maniac (v1.0)

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In some countries, Mine Sweeper is so popular that brothers fight over who has the best time. Entire events and websites are built for the sole purpose of figuring out who can clear a minefield in the shortest amount of time.

 Mine Sweeper Maniac (MSM) is the game that gives you the unfair advantage of practice: It looks good, it’s fun and it’s easy to play one game after another in Stealth Mode. 

 Daniel’s MSM is the culmination of over 10 years of experience wedged into your iPhone as you relive the experience of playing the in those “good old days” when you only had a few games to pick from.

Mine Sweeper Maniac features:

  • Stunning Graphics
  • Custom Generated Explosions
  • Multiplayer Support with Open Feint
  • Local Score Posting for A Quick Game One The Go
  • Entrancing Music
  • Easy-To-See and Easy-to-Play Interface
  • Unique One and Only ‘Stealth Mode’
  • Facebook Support to Share with Your Friends
  • Email Support to Invite New Friends

We proudly present to you, Mine Sweeper Maniac:

The #1 Selling iPhone Game in Dan’s Store.