Gravity Runner (by Jarbull)

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Do you want endless action? If your answer is positive, you should meet Mr. Jay Bull. He is powerful, unstoppable, and cool. He is a super hero, but not like the ones you know. He is not here to save the world, that's why he didn't care a bit when aliens from outer space invaded Earth. However he decided to care when his wife Ms. Jane Bull has been abducted by alien invaders and brought to a inter-galactic slaughterhouse. Mr. Jay Bull races against time to save her wife before she turns into extra-terrestrial sausages.

He runs through different levels and fights with obstacles which try to stop him from reaching his goal. His quest seems to be a very hard one, but Mr. Jay Bull has a very powerful weapon which helps him through his quest: his gravity reversing super power. He can reverse the gravity whenever he runs out of platform and continue to run on the ceiling.

Gamers who like high octane action and platform games will definitely love this game. You travel through different levels and fight with different obstacles through the game. The gameplay is addictive and controls are very easy to learn. Mr. Jay Bull needs your help to save his wife (and maybe Earth later).