Run for Life : Highly Addictive Game (v1.0)

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No 'on your mark', no 'set', just Go, RUN and have the time of your life.
Hold on...just cut it out!!! You hate long descriptions, don't you?
So just spend a buck and have some serious fun!!!
Wait a second!!! 
Wasn't this convincing enough?
Fine ahead.

Run for Life, a pulsating spine-chilling experience, is a free-running game. Only mantra for success here is to keep running, jumping and killing whatever comes in your way to fame.
To satisfy your hunger for fun and frolic Run for Life offers Dangerous, Dare-Demanding and Dazzling (yes, that's how we define 3D) effects, Openfeint Integration and loopy music.
So, follow the law of lawlessness and trust your instinct. Reach the end and win the crown.