Demon Hunter – Fight or Die (v1.1)

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Back in the time of fear and darkness, when stories of the horror that lived in the forests nearby were told in whispers of dread, an endless onslaught of zombies terrorized a local village in the hope of feeding off the very bodies of the locals within. All was thought to be lost until one day a stranger entered the village and all who gazed upon him, knew he was to be the saviour that could save their souls and rid them of this earth-bound plague."

The game features:

-9 unlockable characters
-6 items to help your character (various weapons and health packs which you WILL need)
-6 different kinds of monsters that will know how to defend themselves!
-Guest appearances by boss enemies
-A point-based upgrade system for each character (speed, health, critical attack, ammunition capacity, and more!)
-A full 3D engine for all characters and the environment
-Dual-stick controls
-OpenFeint integration with achievements


Demon Hunter – Fight or Die 1.1 (.ipa) - 13.3 MB
Demon Hunter – Fight or Die 1.1 (.ipa) - 13.3 MB