Pirate's Treasure (v1.0)

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The ultimate pirate adventure is waiting for ye! Grab ye musket, matey, and find ye gold!

Pirates Gold is the perfect mixture of RPG, exploring and comic survival gaming. Choose ye next destination and solve one of the 50 Stages in 9 different themes. Shoot ye way through thousands of bugs, golems and send the rest of the bilge-sucking creatures pirates hate to Davy Jone's locker! No quarter asked, no quarter given!

The beautiful graphics will amaze ye threw out this (at least) 6 hour campaign!

The story will fit ye gaming style whether ye rush through the campaign or try to find every secret & unlock all achievements. And don't forget, dear Cap'n, to share ye score with the world! Prove ye maties to be the blaggards they are!

Ye duty - become THE hero! Arrr!


-will be avaible for iPod/ iPhone and iPad!
-epic, non-linear storyline!
-amazing 3D graphics squeeze everything out of ye device
-endless replayability in campaign and challenge modes
-balanced gameplay with easy, normal and hero modes
-the perfect mixture of survival and RPG gaming
-find gold or win it on the slot machine to upgrade ye character
-9 eye path melting graphic themes
-more than 50 stages (true sea dogs will find more)
-online scores and achievements
-more gold than ye can find anywhere else