Warpgate (v1.0)

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warpingI spent the afternoon chatting with Bruce Morrison of Freeverse regarding their upcoming title which was shown at the iPhone Launch Party, Warp Gate. A game that is sounding more and more ambitious each time I hear about it, Warp Gate is a galactic conquest and trading game that is working up to having an amazing amount of depth for an iPhone game.
Players will master commodity markets, battle space pirates, and meet several friendly and hostile alien species. Featuring a fluid and ever changing economy, 6 warring factions including 2 alien species, a full arsenal of weapons including lasers, missiles, shields and beams, all spread over a galaxy of more than 75 planets and space stations in 32 star systems.
Sounds pretty crazy, and I can't wait. This bundle of screenshots is just a small sampling of what is coming in the final version of the game.