M.A.A. : Monsters against aliens (v1.2)

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Here I am, fortunate enough to have made it close to 34 years old. I have had the pleasure of witnessing video games through all of their transformations AS they were happening (after all, I clearly remember playing 2600 games when that's all that there was).

When I think of some of my favorite 'shooters', they are usually games from the past. Some examples would include 'R-Type' for TuurboGrafx 16, 'Astro Warrior' for Sega Master System, and 'Thunder Force II' for the Sega Genesis.

Much time has passed and these days it seems to be somewhat a trend to make games that resemble a lot of the old formats. Some could blame it on the handheld devices limitations to produce or some could call it a gimmeck - a ploy to play into the hands of the sentimental perhaps?

'Monsters Against Aliens' is a game that feels like it was made for NONE of the above reasons.
It feels like a game that was made because it is a great game from the ground up.