Silent Swords : ZERO (v1.0)

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The prequel to the first stealth action game for the iPhone and iPod touch, Silent Swords ZERO goes back in time to reveal more about the story of the Little Black Ninja. Who is he? What is he looking for? Why are the Silent Swords so special? All the answers lie hidden under the white snow in this thrilling new installment of the Silent Swords saga.

  • Learn more about the story behind the Silent Swords and the Little Black ninja through more than 10 beautifully drawn comic book pages.
  • 25 story levels across 3 different settings: the dangerous underground mines, the freezing snow-covered mountains and the mysterious temple ruins.
  • Extra levels to unlock once you finish the main quest. More levels to come in future updates!
  • New weapons! Throw darts to put your enemies to sleep, use smoke bombs to teleport anywhere in the blink of an eye!
  • New enemies! The military have employed civilians to aid them in their endeavors. Be careful, the ninja’s honor code forbids the slaughter of innocent souls.
  • New stealth moves! In snowy levels you can hide under the snow to go unnoticed even in lit areas.
  • OpenFeint achievements.
  • And, of course, all the true stealth gameplay, moves and weapons that you love from the first game: lurk in the shadows, dispatch enemies with gesture-driven sword attacks, throw shurikens for instant kills, and more!