Space Engineers

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Space Engineers is an open world space simulation video game developed by Keen Software House for Microsoft Windows operating system. As the alpha release is here for over nine months now, players are very much getting captivated towards its uncommon gaming experience.   

Space Engineers is in an open world of asteroid space field, where you will enter as an astronaut (space engineer). You can change different settings of the world, including the startup scenario. Add a name and description to the world and select your game mode to start.   

The primary gameplay of Space Engineers is building up with two basic modes: Creative and Survival. Creative Mode features unlimited resources, which are used to create structures instantly. On the other hand, you would have to mine resources in the Survival Mode.   

Multiplayer Feature was not available in the game until March 2014, but now it is now on hand and can be accessed to host the world and invite other players to join. The world can also be restricted for anyone by setting it to private or friends only. You may not allow griefers to enter your world and mess up with your constructions. Although there are dedicated servers available to play online with others, but you may experience serious lagging issues.   

As far as the controls are concerned, the movements and firing weapons are done through mouse, while rest of the controls lie in keyboard. The game features highly detailed graphics and use voxel-based structuring. Unless the final version is released, keep getting the weekly updates to resolve game issues. 

Invite your Friends to Join you in Space Engineers Multiplayer Mode