Fi - PA/CM11 Theme (v2.0)

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Fi - The first CM11/PA theme in the world to have an inbuilt color chooser.
Fi's color changing ability operates through it's beautiful new application. As soon as you fire it up, you're presented with a clean and bold menu which guides you through 3 different options at the moment as you can see in the first frame of the promo image.

By clicking on Choose Themes, you can select the various color options available at that moment. This release has brought the new Blue variant - A very subtle blue which doesn't pop-out too much. A new coming soon card would always be visible in the theme chooser menu to let you know about what color is coming up next.

Color/Theme Preview windows have a small blimp on the top right corner of the preview image which indicate the selected theme's accent color. In this image, you can see the blue used in Fi's new color variant.

Facade Interface (Fi) is a one of a kind theme which follows a Flat UI Design Language. Fi is made to provide you a great user experience. Fi's main design objective was to theme/craft everything which is seen by the user every time the device is used, therefore Fi provides a great experience through it's features like the custom high-quality lockscreen look, sweet navigation bar buttons & much more.