Gold Stone

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With more than 1 million gold coins collected by hundreds of players in 3 weeks, Goldstone is going strong. We believe GOLD STONE is the best iPhone Fantasy game ever. The greatest of it's kind.

Reasons why you'll love GoldStone:
* Your focus is tested. Concentration is taken to a higher level
* multiple in-game powers to turn all coins into gold and creating high scores.
* You can not just stop wondering what's next.
* With More than Fifty levels, many different curse along with different
types of gold stones, the experience is fabulous.
* Almost each level unfolds a new element in the game. Moreover every Level is
designed in such a way that you get the maximum fun, challenge, excitement,
mystery out of each game play.
* You compete with your friends. The best experience ever delivered by a game on a hand held device.
Optimized for Iphone 5

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