Expanding Language

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Special Learning’s Expanding Language app provides children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other speech and language disabilities a fun and easy-to-use platform to expand their vocabulary. Its stunning user interface using real-life images provides a very simple, accurate and easily accessible means for individuals to not only communicate their basic wants and needs, but also to learn how to identify hundreds of items in their everyday environment. In addition to building vocabulary, this app can be used to further develop identification and labeling skills of common objects.

With an amazingly intuitive design and layout, individuals with all levels of disabilities can easily navigate the app to also use it as an assistive device allowing children to have a voice.
Our app includes a very robust Admin section from where you can fully customize the app to meet the unique needs of any learner. With a completely customizable ability to add new categories, items, and voices, this educational app is limitless in teaching children fundamental vocabulary!

Features of Expanding Language App:
•Easy-to-use icon-based system preloaded with 450 vibrant, real-life images of everyday items!
•Library of nearly 1000 additional images to choose from located in our online Mobile Dashboard™
•Fully customizable platform for creating and adding as many new categories and items as you want, right from your device!
•Ability to record customized voices for any item, right from your device!
•Track and record frequency data!
•Support, customize and back-up the app with our unique and easy-to-use Mobile Dashboard ™!

Skills Taught:
•Functional Communication
•Receptive Identification
•Expressive Language
•Expand Vocabulary