Note Pad Wars

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‘Note Pad Wars’ is a great top down shooter for the iPhone & iPad.
Imagine if all those drawings you made in school came to life.
What would they do? Blow each other up of course!
Create Enemies, Projectiles, Player Characters, Scenery, or even an ENTIRE LEVEL!!! Young or old, Talented artists or n00bs, Rocket Scientists or Grade-schoolers, doesn't matter what language you speak, or if you can speak at all! Everyone in the entire world Has a Chance. So if you want to see your drawings come to life and obliterate others from around the world, just send us a copy of your art! It doesn't matter what you doodle, just about anything can be in this game. So get out there and start Drawing!

This great game has been designed and created by ‘Metals Games’ and takes some inspiration from classic retro shooters.
-You shoot all on coming enemies and rack up your points as you avoid bullets and collect power-ups.
-The game takes place above a note pad style background which is full of excellent sketches.
-There is a great range of sound effects which are also unique. The sound effects are funny and all created out of human voice and sounds.
-Players can send their old or new sketched characters and backgrounds via email to them and they will make new levels that look amazing with your art.
-The game plays well, looks great and is highly addictive.

This fun application costs just $0.99 in the app store and can be download today via the link below.