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Be a part of the unique adventure called DeProfundis.  The game is inspired of the golden ages of RPG / hack n slash genre. The interface is simplified so its going to be ease for you to navigate in the game's world.

You play as Quelram, a very skilled fighter, slashing against horror creatures.Your task is to find where King Lefaric is to try to save your league. Get new quests, level up, explore dungeons , collect items and armor so you can become more and more powerful to complete your tasks.

The DeProfundis account system allow you to save your character on a cloud server in order to be
able to connect from another system and get your character, loot, spells and purchase back. This way
you  get your premium features back if you move on another device or reset it yours.

De Profundis is an amazing dungeon crawler/hack'n slash and is scheduled to end of 2013 Q1 and will be a free with IAP inside to unlock full features.

One great adventure awaits you! So pick up your armor and go slay some undead creatures.

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