The Cranks: Epic Pranks

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The Cranks from Nevosoft is a great time-management arcade full of pranks and practical jokes.
The game follows a brave family, who moves to a small town called Crankyville. The local residents aren’t so thrilled about the newbies and their housewarming party.

How will the family survive in Crankyville? It’s the player’s task to figure out cruel high jinx and get the revenge! Clogging a sink, blowing a fuse, or swapping someone’s protein pills for diet ones - and that’s just the beginning!

Pulling off different pranks and staying invisible turns out to be quite tricky. Each location has characters that are trying to catch the player. One should be very quick and have a “Plan B” in case the situation doesn’t go as planned.

Play The Cranks, pull off pranks and crazy ideas and stay unpunished!