Sparkling Poker

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Sparkling Poker has a unique gaming concept: one device (preferably an iPad) is used as a game table, while each player uses their own iOS device to play. Through bluetooth, so no internet connection is required, you can play anywhere.

As the game is presented on the iPad but not played on it, it is an ideal game for Airplay as well. So you can sit with many people on the couch, have the game table presented on your television, and everyone plays while holding their 'cards' (on their iPhones or iPods).

The game is completely free, only if you run out of chips during a tournament and don't want to wait out while the game finishes, you can purchase additional chips if you prefer.
The only drawback is that you need quite a few iOS devices to play; at least three (for a two player game) and possibly six (for the maximum of five players).

The game plays well and is a lot of fun. The concept of playing with a local group of friends, while looking each other in the eye, is unique. Try the game out if you have enough devices amongst friends.