It's Classic Nokia Snake....... For Real!

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The classic video game Snake has actually been around since the late 1970’s. However it was not until Nokia decided that they were going to have the game on there mobile phones in 1998 that the game blew up. Snake was huge people from all walks of life were sneaking in a game whenever they could. I have no doubt that in year from now people will look back on Snake on Nokia mobile phones as a huge stepping stone in the world of mobile gaming.

On Nokia devices alone there have been a large amount of revisions to the classic Snake formula. There have been numerous sequels. And as each generation of phone hardware became more advanced they would get a much more advanced version of Snake. While the core game play at heart would stay the same. Some versions of Snake would introduce new game modes like adventure for example. Of course with more powerful phones came better looking versions of Snake. We have gone from a simple looking line to a Snake that looks like he would have been played on a Super Nintendo to a full 3D world Snake.

Now there has been a new evolution in the world of Snake and this one is on a computer and a smart phone, but you do not actually play it. Some really talented and dedicated fans of Snake have created a real life version of this game. They used shopping carts, glow in the dark tape and a bunch of talented people. It is amazing the way these guys managed to capture the spirit of this great game.

This is one of those YouTube videos that is truly spellbinding. It mesmerises you. Just how hard these guys had to have worked to pull this off is amazing. This is a video that will no doubt put a smile onto anyone’s face who has every played Snake. Not only that it is a great video you are a fan of videos games. And for those of you who have been under a rock since 1998 and never heard of Snake. Well you can enjoy the pretty vibrant colours.