Sid Meier’s Civilization V : The Mobile Game (by Gameloft)

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The simulator strategies phenomenal arrives on your laptop PC. Lead one of 20 historical civilizations of the Stone Age to the Space Age. Build cities and wonders to spread their culture, trade relations with neighbors or send his army to subdue them. Manage the development of new technologies to increase production, is a just ruler and an absolute dictator and unlock the most devastating weapons. Choose swept goals, how to dominate the world or be the first to colonize the stars.

The same content and spirit of the game for PC and a variety of units, buildings and technologies.
Lead one of 20 historical civilizations through seven ages.
Negotiate resources or to forge military alliances with some of the most astute leaders in history.
Deflagrates epic wars using mechanical complex strategy and change the course of history.
Have fun in two game modes: Conquest of the World and Start Free.
Lead the development of technological, cultural, governmental, commercial and diplomatic in their nation.


(supplied by @Etoo0070)