Voice Answer

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The new generation personal voice assistant. Ask it any question! We started the app one month ago and had terrific feedback. We are now furiously working on adding more features to Voice Answer. With the last update, we have introduced location finding with augmented reality. We are working on features such as messaging, Email, reminders etc, and we are finalizing the animated robot as interface option.

Meanwhile, don't forget to put the chatbot to 'ON' if you want to have a conversation with Voice Answer, and allow it use your location for localized answers.

Voice Answer gives answers on many topics. You can ask your question either by talking to it or type it out, and the app will answer you in a clear voice.
The knowledge base behind the app contains 'Wolfram Alpha', which gives you an enormous amount of information in your pocket.

Available for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad.

First 3 users to leave a comment below will get a promo code to test the app.