Prizm Scramble (Free)

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Prizm Scramble is the new puzzle game that is keeping everyones's mind scrambled!!!!

From Virtual Apexx comes the newest sensation to hit the app store. Sharpen your memory and enhance your reflexes for hours on end with Prizm Scramble. Simply match tiles of like colors and patterns to earn points and precious extra time as you race against the clock to complete each level.

When the tiles reveal themselves you must memorize the location of as many matching tiles as possible before they go blank again. Select as many correct matches as possible before the tiles shuffle again but be quick about it as the tiles dont remain static for very long. 

Be absolutely certain the tiles match that you select because the timer speeds up with each miss and the pressure ramps up even more!! Form streaks of correct matches to unlock bonus time bricks for a chance to get even more time added to your clock. Check the gamecenter to see how you rank nationally and against your friends.

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