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A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words, But Shot MeMo Doesn’t Stop There!
I’ve become jaded when it comes to apps that promise me a quick n’ easy way to keep track of lists, notes, and whatever else. Despite this beautiful piece of technology I carry around with me everywhere I go, I find myself writing on torn envelopes, the backs of napkins, and my own hand. But Shot MeMo really is convenient enough to use as a digital memo pad, and it offers so much more, too.

The basic idea is that you can attach a photo to a digital “note,” and then save or share it. There are a number of customizations, all available in an extremely streamlined set-up menu, so you aren’t messing with options when you’re in a hurry. Shot MeMo really does cover all the bases when it comes to jotting down something quickly that you don’t want to forget.

The set-up is basically a series of toggles for geotagging and timestamps and the like. You can also go ahead and log into whatever accounts you’d like to send your notes to; that initial log in during set up will stick, so you don’t have to mess with that later, either. Then, you’re ready to take notes. You can either take a pic from within Shot MeMo, or you can choose a previously taken photo from your gallery.

Once you’ve fallen in love with Shot MeMo, you’ll find it has plenty of uses aside from utilitarian note taking. It’s also a fantastic method for capturing memories complete with date, time, location, a photo, and a few words of your own. And since there’s integrated access to Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, you can tweet, blog, or post your experiences to share with your friends. You can, of course, also email and save your notes to your device gallery.

And all of this functionality is super cheap—for now. Regular retail is a $1.99, but there’s an introductory sale going on that lets you have Shot Memo for only $0.99. If you want more variety in your virtual notes, you can also use an in app purchase to gain access to 39 more “notepad designs.”