SalesVu - The Easiest Way to Accept Credit Cards Anywhere.

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SalesVu prides itself on developing innovative mobile and software-as-a-service solutions (SaaS) designed to make a direct impact to the bottom line for mobile and retail businesses.

The SalesVu mobile payment solution is designed to significantly improve efficiency for the mobile workforce. It is comprised of a payment application for the iPhone and iPad, which connects to a secure cloud-based infrastructure for centralized management, reporting, and marketing. The SalesVu app allows mobile workers to process different types of transactions (cash, checks, credit cards, and gift cards) and automatically emails a receipt to customers. We send a free card reader to businesses who choose to process credit cards directly from their mobile device, and offer a low 2.7% rate on all credit card transactions (swiped or manually entered). Our app connects to a comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure in order to seamlessly integrate operations, management, and marketing. The cloud- infrastructure allows business owners to manage their entire business anywhere – update prices, products, services, customer data, and automatically beam the changes to mobile devices in the field. Managers can also monitor mobile transactions and visualize sales trends by employee, product, or time of day, gathering significant marketing insight thanks to SalesVu's enterprise graphing and reporting engine. In addition to the operational benefits of the solution, SalesVu's patent-pending technology also integrates with Facebook so that businesses can share deals and generate buzz through their own customer base. The elegance of the SalesVu solution allows it to be much more than just a mobile payment app and turns it into a complete end-to-end enterprise business solution. 

"SalesVu" is the best point-of-sale and mobile payment app for iPad and iPhone. The app is Free and we send a Free Credit Card Reader to every business who registers.