Warrior Nation : Blade (v1.0)

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In the year of 972 at Shineland, a Kingdom of Sword and Magic
Dark magicians, who had been persecuted under the shadow of long-standing peace,
discovered how to open up a Dark Portal by using ancient spells.
Evil monsters generated by the magicians flooded out of the Dark Portal and started to attack humans. Knights put up courageous fights against monsters; however,
they had to endure endless defeats as the monsters in their world were way too powerful for them.

- Appear 22 different monsters
- 10 Step Combo Attack available
- Makes you more tension by appearing enemies from unexpected places such as the front, back,
forest, ground and etc
- Strong boss will appear in a special stage, and it makes more challenging
- A total of 9 types of Character Ability Values and Skill Upgrade
- Unit placement accommodating the characteristics of each stage
- Supporting 3 levels of difficulties
- Able to use various skills by a simple and easy control

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