Surviving High School 11 (by EA Mobile)

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surviving high school Surviving High School (by EA Mobile)

BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE at Centerscore High! Go to school on your own
terms in this fun cell phone game from EA Mobile! Create AND control
your destiny as you explore new episodes every week in this
story-driven adventure. Surprise yourself with different endings based
on choices you make along the way. Steal the spotlight and be most
popular. Reign as homecoming queen. Play hard as class jock. Date a
bunch or find your high school sweetheart. DREAM BIG!-PLAY SURVIVING


o Play as Josh in the King of Diss or Emily in the Dancing Queen!
o Download new episodes every week
o Interact with hundreds of diverse characters
o Name and customize your character with a variety of options
o Cast your vote using in-game polls and view the results
o Master four different mini-games
o Character reactions and subtle animations bring your story to life!