War Diary: Crusader (by Rovio Mobile)

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War Diary™: Crusader is a mobile action strategy game
by Rovio Mobile that puts you in charge of Third Crusade. Raise an
army, conquer towns and castles, seek ancient relics, and defeat
conspiracies. The game features a large, dynamic map of towns, roads
and deserts modeled after medieval Holy Land. War Diary™: Crusader is
built around a core storyline, yet the dynamic map and the positioning
of vital towns and roads allow for countless different strategies. Can
you prevail where Richard the Lionheart himself failed?


Press "7299" - To get more money
Press "263366" - To defeat all the enemies from the map


- Avoid caves. Group of bandits might have a hiding place in those.
- In battle try to break green arrows to block the attack. After the
3th arrow appears, the enemy starts the attack and you can't stop it.
- Treasures can be found based on the hints.

Download :

Multiscreen (English)
Multiscreen (Russian)