Earth Defender (v1.0)

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In the space combat game Earth Defender, you have the chance to put this military motto into practice. Defend the Earth by firing on attacking hordes of aliens and generate apocalyptic chain reactions through targeted bombardments.

You have a wide range of weapons at your disposal to teach your opponent the meaning of fear. But you will reach higher levels only if you perfect your timing. 

Your armaments include destructive Blast bombs, all devouring Black Hole bombs, and electric Lightning bombs. But the aces up your sleeve are the five Superbombs that wipe out everything in sight at a stroke. Ideal for those moments when you have your back to the wall in this adrenaline-laden arcade game. 

- Spectacular graphics with elaborate effects and detailed animated backgrounds
- Atmospheric, orchestral soundtrack and awesome sound
- Multi-touch action with up to five fingers
- Seven unique level bosses and a gigantic end boss
- Six different levels with 14 different enemy types
- 20 OpenFeint achievements and integration in Facebook and Twitter
- On-line highscore lists via OpenFeint

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