Borderlight - edge highlight live wallpaper

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This is an updated version of the original Borderlight found here. It's a live wallpaper that creates a thin colorful line on the edge of the display (hence the name), the new version also allows you to display a normal background image behind the edge highlight and darken/desaturate it when the device is locked/unlocked.
There is no real way to programatically get the shape of the display in Android, so I did the next best thing and created a preset system, where users can tweak the wallpaper for their phone and then share their preset with others.

  • Background image support
  • Only show border when locked/unlocked
  • Desaturate/darken/hide background image when locked/unlocked
  • Black out clipped parts of the screen - the wallpaper looks good on screenshots now
  • Shorter, less annoying preset codes (with support for the old ones)
  • Correct rendering in landscape mode
  • Wider range of border radii - will now support Pixel 3 XL