Notibuyer – Notes, Memo & To-do

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Are you looking for an easy-to-use note taking app? Start using Notibuyer –Notes, Memo & To-do to track your notes, voice memo and to do list directly on your smartphone. It is the most convenient notepad to have on your phone to take notes.


Notibuyer is a simple and free to use voice memo notepad and to-do list application for personal and shared notes on your mobile device. Notibuyer can also be used to manage your family’s shopping list and share with each member of the family. With our note-taking to-do app, we are trying to simplify your everyday life to make your life more organized and increase your productivity.

With Notibuyer, you can easily create, organize and share your notes, shopping and to-do lists with a voice, text or picture memo on the go. Taking notes or creating a to-do or a shopping list is incredibly easy with the Notibuyer app. Every voice memo is transcribed into text and is also saved as an audio file for playback in case transcription is a little bit messed up.


Alternatively, you can add your tasks/notes or items as a text memo or an image only. Or combine them the way you like (audio-text, audio-text-image, text-image, audio-image). Once you add an image (and/or description) of the item, Notibuyer can even search for that item (as image or text) on Google for you to be able to find what you are looking for to purchase online.

Everyday our lives get more complicated and filled with different endeavours:
from mundane shopping lists to creative ideas and work assignments. Notibuyer
lets you easily capture what’s on your mind and share it within a circle of your
friends, colleagues and family members.

Do not forget a thing with this quick, easy and convenient notebook/memo/shopping list manager.