Word Search: Super Game

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If you’re looking for a scramble word search puzzle that brings hours of entertainment and good mind exercise to your daily life, but also, a puzzle game that helps your kids to learn writing and spelling skills this is the ideal app for you!. Every puzzle is unique; the words are scrambled automatically, and self-generation board is filled with the maximum possible number of words from the topic you choose. Our board was created to fit to the size of your device screen; this will help those with sight difficulties.. Once you´ve found words, mark them by sliding your finger on each letter. If the word´s correct, it will be marked with a different color. Are you ready to make your own word search?

Enjoy Looking for Words with Friends & Family!
Choose different sizes of the board to increase or decrease the amount of words to be found; this will give you extra levels of difficulty so you´ll be enjoying many levels of fun. Found a palindrome? Don´t worry; you can mark it from left to right or right to left. Check the list of words to search and the number of remaining words to look on the superior corners. Auto save feature helps you to close the game if you need to answer a call or leave the game unfinished; your progress, and everything will be there as you left it.

The rules are simple, just choose the topic and start looking for words. Crossword puzzles rules apply here also; some words begin from the same letter in different line directions. We´ve integrated a Zen Mode, which allows you to play infinite time. Smooth animations and nice transitions give an extra load of fun to our game.

More than 20 languages are available to play, so it’s also perfect to practice your grammar when learning a new language! Music background will help you to focus and relax your mind of those though days. Word search maker and printable upgrades will be uploaded soon.
We assured that our app uses very low space of your Android device. Get ready to have countless hours of fun!

Features of the Game:
✏ Clear & Visible Letters
✏ Multiple Words & Topics
✏ Available in more than 20 Languages!
✏ All Levels and Modes are FREE
✏ User Friendly & Intuitive Interface

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