SAYE - Personal Finance & Budget Planner

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The primary reason for financial problems in life is not because of low earnings. The reason is lack of self-discipline, self-mastery, and self-control and the inability to delay gratification. It is the tendency for people to spend everything they earn and a little more besides, usually supplemented by loans and credit card debt. People continue to spend and borrow and are unable to save as if there is no tomorrow. Why is this weakness of character so prevalent among the majority of adults in society today? The key is in planning and sticking to your plans.

Discipline is a necessary skill for proper financial management. Without it you will never acquire or accumulate anything. Without it you will never accomplish anything. It is forcing oneself to do the things that are necessary. Discipline is a skill that gets better with help from professionals or simply a planning and budgeting tool.


Financially, discipline is about controlling your spending and making sure you pay for the things that need to be paid. This means the need to plan ahead and to be able to stay aware and to track where our money goes to - daily, weekly, monthly and everyday. The hardest part for most people is controlling their spending. If you cannot control your spending then no matter how much money you make it will never be enough.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have a natural amount of discipline and we must acquire it the hard way. Fortunately, there a free tool you can use, an iOS mobile app called SAYE (Save as Your Earn). AYE - Personal Finance & Budget Planner - by Timothy Chan is available for free from the iOS App Store. It runs on all Apple iOS devices with iOS 8.0 or later.

As you might guess, this app helps you manage your personal finances. The app is free, so the app is helping you out immediately!

Without discipline, humans will pretty much tend to spend what they bring in, without putting money aside, and even without knowing if spending is greater than earning capacity and thus eating into savings.

Here's where SAYE - Personal Finance & Budget Planner - comes in. This app has a very clean and intuitive design so you will master it in moments. It lets you easily create categories for your income and expenses, and then allows you to effortlessly add entries for every time you receive or spend money. The app then lets you review your timeline, observing trends, identifying where you are missing your budget and affecting your future financial goals.

It's free, so you can literally be measuring - the first step to improving - your finances within mere moments. A one-off in-app purchase will remove ads.