Tribellum: Prologue

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Blue Sunset Games just released a new Tower Defense game called 
Tribellum: Prologue.

Year 1019 of our era - the non-stop evolution of humankind brought them into the lack of resources needed to survive. In order to become more advanced and to preserve in this world, humans had to start searching for resources hidden across the land. They stumbled upon distant mountains, that had contained very rare crystal resources, that humans started to use in many forms. The current king - Conrad II sent troops and miners into the mountains to gather resources and bring them back to the castle. Only one came back...

Main features of the game:
- 25 campaign stages with 3 boss fights and a story.
- 5 side quest missions
- different skills to use in fight like elemental modifiers for weapons, double arrows, spikes or repair crew
- Endless mode with online leaderboards
- Duel fight - one of the boss fights is actually a 1 vs 1 fight
- Many units with different skills and gameplay styles
- 7 different towers and 3 special abilities
- different types of enemies - ground, flying, speeding, elemental resistant
- Unlockables like playable units, gallery arts or achievements
- No microtransactions

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