Atomic Blue CM11 Theme (v2.70)

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Featuring all the good things of the Atomic Green theme, expanded with more goodness. That's true, now you can feel a total new theme with so many details and an unbelievable interface, with sharp colors and a clean UI, designed to be solid and perfect for the everyday use.

There's so much in it, and you will notice it, like:
- All New CM11 Stuff: Bootanimations, Homescreen and Lockscreen Wallpapers, Icons, Fonts
- SPECIAL: Include a Wallpaper Picker with 9 additional wallpapers
- SPECIAL: Includes an Icon Pack for Nova and Apex Launchers
- Framework and System graphics
(goodbye holo blue, just test it yourself using Theme Debugger)
- Fading animations for buttons, listviews, dialog buttons
- Custom colors, styles and icons for more than 35 APPS.
- Graphics and Icons that follow the updated Google's design iconography
- Alert Dialogs, Backgrounds, Overflow buttons, Shared Icons through the apps
(buttons, switches, spinners, loading, all the main stuff)
With themed apps like
Dialer, Contacts, Calculator, Clock, Messaging, Settings, Keyboards (AOSP Keyboard, Google Keyboard, Swype)
Gmail / Email, Torches (CM Torch, PA Lightbulb), Youtube, Camera, CM File Manager, CM Apollo,
News & Meteo, Whatsapp..

This theme is CyanogenMod CM11 - CarbonRom - Paranoid Android 4.4. Compatible,
and it requires the newest (CM11) Theme Engine (Theme Chooser) to be applied.