Atomic Green CM11 Theme (v2.90)

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Created for MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI and XXHDPI devices
With Atomic Green you can feel a unique, professional interface, with crisp colors and new graphics, always different, that will personalize your phone or tablet with defined icons and a per-pixel created UI, with the inclusion of many features like:
- The exclusive "Six" wallpaper
- With the Atomic Style on all the main applications, like Gmail, Chrome, Contacts, Phone, Mms, Browser, Apollo and the CM File Manager.
- Unique graphics all over the system, your apps will taste a new look.
- With custom transition animations for buttons and listviews, never seen before.
- With the translucent statusbar for the Clock App on Kitkat.
- and much more!

- You need a rooted phone to use this theme with Jelly Bean or Kitkat (that's a must)
- You need a ROM with the Theme Chooser Engine to apply it.

- Download the Atomic Green Plus CM11 Addons App (requires CM11 based ROM)

1. Download the app and install it (you can't open it)
2. Go to Settings > Themes (If you don't have this option you are using an unsupported Rom)
3. Swipe and select Atomic Green
4. Apply it
5. Reboot your phone/tablet to make all the changes

This theme is CyanogenMod CM10.2, CM11 - AOKP - CarbonRom - Paranoid Android 4.4. Compatible, and it require the Cyanogenmod's Theme Chooser to be applied.