Astro Poppers

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The earth is under attack, this time by other planets. Before they can invade our planet you have to fight them in space and save our planet. Tap one planet to pop it and start an instant chain reaction to pop all planets. Not all planets pop on the first tap.

Pop all planets to complete the level and unlock the next one with minimum taps. Sounds simple? So here’s the catch. If you fail 5 times in a level the planets wrath will send you 2 levels back. Ready for the challenge ?

This is not any ordinary game. Astro Poppers requires thinking and brain power. Keep your mind fresh by playing it. The levels start easy to warm you up but they get harder and harder as you get further. If you get stuck, you can use a hint. Power-ups will help you on the hard levels. Great game for all ages

- Smooth Animations And Cool Graphics
- Support For Multiple Screen Sizes (including tablets)
- Over 800 levels
- Free daily hints
- Sound fx
- Power ups and Hints
- many more..

Do you have what it takes to get through all levels? 
Training your brain is as easy as playing a few thinking games.