Rand Logistics

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RAND Logistics are a courier company who work with some of the biggest and best known couriers to offer competitive rates on their international parcel delivery. They have recently released an app for Android users to use all the most important features from the website on their mobiles. The app is incredibly easy to use and offers a mobile-friendly version of all the main features from the full site. Instead of fumbling around with a mobile browser, users can get quotes, book future deliveries and track their orders with just a few quick button presses, making it much easier to operate and quick to see where your parcels have got to.

Everyone knows the feeling of sending a parcel to an overseas friend or relative and wondering if and when it will arrive. Items spend a lot longer in transit and could be handled by many more people in lots of countries, so it’s important that you know exactly where it has got to.
The tracking feature is incredibly useful as it allows you to monitor the progress of each of your parcels during their journey so you have constant reassurance that they are on track to reach their destination on time. 

The ability to find quotes and book deliveries for your items from your mobile is also useful. If you’re out and about and spot an item you might like to send abroad, it is very quick to get your phone out and get a quick quote to see if it’s worth it rather than leaving the item, waiting until you get home and checking it on the computer.

Overall, this app is a very useful, efficient way to find competitive rates on parcel delivery to countries all over the world, and the range of contact options makes it easy to get any queries answered before you commit yourself to a booking.