Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno (v1.0)

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You are Ash, a devil rabbit and the prince of Hell .Tool up with the meanest weapons, the scariest masks and craziest wheels to defeat the ugliest monsters. Hell Yeah! is a crazy action-adventure side-scroller set in Hell.

This is the perfect on-the-go companion for dressing up a psychotic rabbit (Ash) in ridiculous masks and shooting gruesome monsters. In Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno, you ride an awesome jetpack driller, avoid deadly obstacles, fire kick-ass weapons, exterminate ugly monsters, collect gold, level up, unlock collectibles and complete missions across the crazy worlds of Hell Yeah!

• The simplicity of two button gameplay. 
• 60 unique levels set in 6 different worlds.
• Avoid obstacles whilst thrusting through the game in the high-speed jetpack action.
• Break through walls and kill monsters using cool weapons including a machine gun and a rocket launcher.
• Defeat more than 30 monsters and collect their tokens
• Collect gold and unlock 50 new masks and jetpack skins!
• Find the Doom Token hidden within each level to unlock secret areas
• We’ll keep adding new content to Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno. Stay tuned!


place the cache in: \Phone\Android\obb