Camera Hoax

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Weather it is a ghost or an alien, zombie, ufo or anything paranormal, this is the
best place to find them. Just take a picture and add one of the real looking scary stickers.

Camera Hoax is a virtual special FX photo app which offers different prop item to be placed on an image. These items includes a variety of UFOs, aliens, scary ghosts, dinosaurs, creepy faces, ferocious animals and many more. The user interface of camera hoax is pretty neat and east to get around in no time. In order to start creating scary pictures either click a picture from the app or select one from the photo library, place one or more stickers available in the app onto you picture resize and rotate it to fit the image. 

You can even modify the picture sticker with various effects such as changing the color according to the background of the prop to make it look more real, increase or decrease the transparency, erasing parts of the prop and many other features that allow you to modify the props and make it even scarier.

• Add final touches to the picture, select the best match with each picture for the
best effect.
• Make your own stickers at
• Use tools for better effects scale and rotate stickers
• Change color and make a blur effect to match camera's focus (works for UFOs in
• Make ghosts transparent to make them believable
• Erase parts to match with the objects in the original picture.