Pundles - Brain Teaser Puzzles That Will Flex Your Mind!

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How are you at word games? We know there is a million +1 of them, but none are like the original Pundles! Pundles was an immensely popular book that has been modernized into a fun and mind-flexing game newly released for iOS on iPhone and iPad.

Experience hundreds of fun challenges made up of symbols, lines, and letters that are arranged into hidden riddles of familiar words, phrases, and expressions. The solution will be just on the tip of your tongue. Keep thinking and it will reveal itself. Then, try moving up to a harder difficulty level. If you get stuck, use a hint or ask for help on Facebook.

Feature Highlights:
* 300+ Mind Flexing Pundles
* Full Facebook Integration
* Hundreds of Helpful Hints
* Awesome Achievements
* Easy-to-answer Keyboard with Spell Assist
* Beautiful Graphics

Check out Pundles for free; or get pro version for $0.99 on the app store!
More info available on their Pundles website.