The Infinity Project 2 (v1.2)

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An evil alien race called the Talon’s have time traveled from the year 2243 to sometime in Earth’s past and drastically changed Human history. You must follow them and investigate when this happened to try to stop them. Along the way you find out humans may not be the innocent victims in this galactic battle for survival! Fight through different environments and times, battle your friends online with Game Center or Local WiFi and Bluetooth, or try your skill with 10 levels of survival mode. Post your high scores and achievements to Facebook and Twitter!

You will be thrown into a battle for survival not only for yourself, but for all of mankind that spans thousands of years. Stop the invasion of Earth before all is lost.

1) CAMPAIGN MODE: an exciting campaign and engaging story.

- Choose from 8 characters to play and 4 specialty enhanced Human Augmentation Suits (HAS) each with its own special ability.
- Explore and fight through a Post Apocalyptic earth, alien space ship, destroyed space station and more, all with astounding visuals.
- Search for and use unique perks to temporarily enhance your HAS Suit abilities such as run faster, cloak, shields, and more.
- Earn experience points and trophies to compare with your friends on Game Center.
- Earn additional trophies and perks by completing side-missions.
- Investigate how Earth’s history was changed and battle through different times that span thousands of years!

2) SURVIVAL MODE: 10 un-lockable survival levels.

- Battle countless waves of enemies to see how long you can survive while gaining credits to spend in the armory to buy perks, more ammo, different weapons, and better armor.
- Earn experience points to compare with your friends on Game Center.
- Un-lock levels as you increase in experience.

3) MULTIPLAYER: battle your friends with 5 levels of multiplayer fun.

- Increase in rank as you gain experience to unlock perks and better armor.
- Battle up to 4 players on Game Center and 6 players with local/bluetooth.
- Compare experience points with your friends on Game Center.

- Choose from 8 characters to play (11 for multiplayer)
- Long and engaging campaign
- Survival mode with 10 un-lockable levels
- Game Center Achievements
- Online Leaderboards
- Game Center and local multiplayer featuring 5 maps
- Multiple Skill Levels
- Choose between 3 customizable control schemes
- Enhanced special effects for iPhone 4s and up, and iPad 2 and up

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