Juice Factory

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The assembly line is rolling. Lights are flashing. Juice bottles and fresh fruits are coming out from the assembly line. The supervisor is grumpy. Your job is to make as many juice bottles as you can, move the bottles into the juice cases, and get them shipped out of the factory.

Simply the best and most additive sorting game in the market with stunning graphics and exciting game play. The game is universal app that supports iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It supports the OpenFeint with Leaderboards and Achievements - total of 16 achievements to collect.


▪     Simple and easy to follow game play by matching the colors of the juice bottle and of the juice case
▪     Three different levels – easy, normal, and hard in the Classic mode. Try the hard level and things can get really hectic
▪     Arcade mode is even more exciting because you do not lose even if you misplace bottles. You have the opportunity to earn extra time to reach the true potential of your sorting capabilities (in-app purchase required)
▪     Additional game play strategies to earn more points – e.g tap repeatedly on the fruit to make the juice or make large bottle from two small bottles
▪     Unexpected visits from Little Evil, Frozen Wizard, and Fruit Wizard. Tap on the Fruit Wizard and you will get a lot much fruits coming
▪     Give the supervisor a beauty magazine to slow things down when things get too hectic

Also available on Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and will come to Google Play soon.