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PowerOn is a simply, but surprisingly tricky puzzle game from Frosty Pixel Games. Based on the old 1970's electronic handheld game "Merlin" the idea is simple - turn the power on to every light in the grid. Things of course are never that simple, and turning one light on can cause adjacent lights to turn off.

The concept is nothing new, but the app has a modern almost industrial design, and a slick user interface. 60 levels getting progressively more difficult, and a best score for each will keep you coming back to try and get the gold star on every level.

Designer and programmer Billy Deakin, founder of Frosty Pixel Games, said that "PowerOn is really a proof of concept for us. We come from a Flash game development background, so we wanted to build a game fro the ground up in Actionscript. We chose PowerOn as it's a remake of a Flash game we made back in 2003. Now we've been through the entire development process, from design to publishing on the app store, we're looking to get some more in depth and unique games published later this year".

Frosty Pixel Games have a second game currently "in review" with Apple, and a third game due to launch in May so watch this space! PowerOn is free to download, retina ready, and though currently iPhone and iPod Touch only there is an iPod version to follow shortly.