The Blitz: Battle of Britain (by Fugumobile)

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The Blitz – Battle of Britain
The stage was set. In the skies above South East England, the future of Britain was about to be decided.

Phase1: The Battle Begins
The detailed invasion operation, code-named "Sea Lion" by the Germans depends on the success of the Luftwaffe. Starting on July 1940, the Luftwaffe attacks shipping convoys in the Channel and Channel Ports. As Squadron leader of Spitfire Fighter Command, defend the air over the English Channel and stop the Germans from reaching the shore.

Phase 2 – Berlin Bombed
To keep up the pressure, the Germans begin night raids, to stop the defenders repairing damage overnight. On one night raid, Luftwaffe bombs civilian areas of London; a mistake which is  to become a crucial turning point in the Battle. In reply to this attack on London, the British plans retaliatory bombing on Berlin.
As Squadron leader of Spitfire Fighter Command, leads your fighters to Berlin.

Phase 3- The end of the Battle
As the long, hot summer runs into October, the German daylight bomber losses become too heavy. During the day, German fighters are sent over carrying bombs in small and large scale. Largely these nuisance raiders are aimed at engaging the RAF fighters and disrupting defensive operations over the South-East.
Wipe the enemy out of the air and put Operation Sea-Lion to an early end.

Use key UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT to navigate. Enhance your shooting power by collecting powerups.