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Yaniv is popular backpackers card game. Yaniv for iPhone is easy one of the best card games in the AppStore. Yaniv is great because its so easy to learn, it's incredibly addictive and just never gets old. Your goal is to reduce your hand value by discarding single cards, sets, and series.  When you think you have the lowest hand, call “YANIV!”. If you have the lowest hand, you win the round. But if your opponent has a lower hand than you, you get “ASSAF!”, lose the round and gain extra points (points are bad!). Each player must use strategy, wits, and intuition, in order to win a match. Last player standing is the winner! Join the online action and play against players from all over the world with in game chat and Leaderboards!

- Addictive, quick and smooth game-play
- Play offline against smart and challenging computer opponents.
- Invite up to 3 friends for an online match
- Play online with players around the world
- Use Quick Match to go straight to the action!
- In Game Chat
- 39 Fun and exciting achievements!
- Fun, vibrant and colorful art with retina display support
- Awesome original soundtrack
- Leaderboards for online matches

- Interactive, easy to follow tutorial
- 3 Difficulty levels (Pro difficulty for Pro users only)
- (Pro only) Game Statistics
- (Pro only) Turbo mode - faster animations for even quicker gameplay.
- Customize your game settings
- No Ads!

Now including Slapdowns!
Yaniv for the iPhone boasts hours of captivating game-play, and is easily one of the best card games on the App Store.
Try and see for yourself, it’s free!